Our Story

While the name Espresso Stop has been around for many years, the business as we know it today was started when Rochelle and Daniel Carpenter purchased the original Edgewood location while Rochelle was working there as a barista in 2014. Rochelle fell in love with the coffee business and the customers while working there, and when the opportunity to buy the business was presented, it seemed like a natural fit. From those humble beginnings, the family-owned business, has since grown to twelve locations with the help of an amazing team of people.

The growth we’ve experienced has always been closely tied to our mission and motto “to provide  fast, friendly service with a consistently delicious cup of coffee.”  We know that real, durable success in the coffee business is not just about a great cup of coffee- it’s people who create the experiences and build relationships!  What really drives our success and growth are the amazing baristas who choose to work with us.  It all starts with hiring the very best coffee people and providing them with the training, tools and culture to ensure their success.  As a barista herself, Rochelle understands the importance of continual and consistent approach to world-class training.   It’s this investment in our people that has helped us create a culture of trust, friendship and family in everything we do.

We know that the most important part of our business are the amazing customers who have come to appreciate the incredible coffee, service and atmosphere at Espresso Stop.  They know they will always have a fast, consistent, and delicious cup of coffee and that the relationship and the personal connection we have with them is what makes their visit to Espresso Stop so special and unique.   It’s these relationships and connections with our customers that drives our desire to always give back to the communities where they live and where we are lucky enough to serve them!


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